The Apple Glass would have the M1 chip, a fan and ultra high definition screens

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Glass will have the M1 chip of the latest Macs, a fan and ultra high resolution “better than the competition” screens. The current prototypes would be covered with a fabric covering. The journal gives new details.

apple glass
Credit: Unsplash

Bloomberg delivers a shower of new information on Apple Glass, Apple’s highly anticipated connected glasses. According to the newspaper, the device that Apple is developing is “mainly a virtual reality headset”. An important precision when we have expected for months instead of augmented reality glasses in the style of Magic Leap One.

The current prototype would actually look more of an Oculus Quest 2. Some prototypes would have an advanced system of sensors to ensure an augmented reality mode. However, it is possible that these sensors are also used to detect user gestures. In addition, the device would be designed to be very powerful.

Apple Glass: the first prototypes are mainly these virtual reality headsets

The device would thus embed the M1 chip of the latest macs. However for now, Apple would stumble on the cooling of the device, which would force the manufacturer to include a fan in current prototypes. The other consequence is that the current units would remain much too big to consider launching them as is.

The glasses would be compatible with corrective lenses. Which would not be luxury because apparently, Apple would hit a big blow on picture quality with a particularly high definition of the display thanks to new innovative screens… which should in the process make the device quite expensive, which could limit sales.

Bloomberg imagines the object as a niche product a bit like the Mac Pro. However, we expect a lot from Apple, which is already an invisible (but present) player in augmented / virtual reality headsets. In addition, the headset is covered with a fabric cover, much like some Google products.

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The launch is getting closer since the newspaper’s sources now speak of the 2022 horizon. A date to be taken with a grain of salt – Bloomberg’s description of it gives us the impression that Apple still has its work cut to make it a truly viable product.

Source: Bloomberg