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The Apple Card will have no contactless


Posted: March 27 2019
Updated: March 26, 2019

by Steve

First disappointment. TheApple Card, announced yesterday during the famous keynote of the apple brand, would not be without contact. However, this has been the norm for several years: putting your credit card on the payment terminal to buy a product has no price, except that of the transaction. According to a spokesperson for MasterCard, which is in partnership with Apple for his card, technology would not be integrated into it.

Information from CNET and of Financial times are clear. For the moment, nobody knows why the contactless will not be present at the Apple Card. Several reasons are possible: first, the Apple Card is made of titanium, as the name suggests (Apple Titanium Card). Since metal does not facilitate wireless communication, it is easy to explain this absence by the material used.

It is also possible that Apple has made the choice of security, as often. We can’t blame them for that: by omitting the NFC chip, the Cupertino company makes pirating using a card reader much more difficult. Hackers will only have to behave well. Finally, contactless is still available on the iPhone and Apple Watch, which are more secure than a simple card. For all these reasons, Apple could therefore have decided not to implement it. The Apple Card will be available in the USA this summer.

apple card titanium - The Apple Card will have no contactless