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The Apple Card is very popular on Youtube


Posted: March 29 2019
Updated: March 28, 2019

by Steve

Last Monday evening, the apple brand unveiled a more than unexpected service:Apple Card. Two points to remember from the Apple Card: the first is the application linked to it, which allows you to monitor all your banking statistics (purchases, categories, curves, etc.) and above all, a cashback of 2 to 3% (basically, you earn money by spending!); the second is the Apple Titanium Card, in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, which offers the possibility of having a physical titanium bank card, without the bank information written on it, but without the non-contactless more…

apple card titanium - The Apple Card is very popular on Youtube

Sure Youtube, Internet users seem to have been seduced by the Apple Card, since its presentation video has so far garnered 16 million views, a lot more than the video of the iPhone XR! The Apple Card has in fact become the 7th most popular Apple video on Youtube. Bet successful therefore, for the Cupertino company, which wanted to strike a blow in the banking industry.

However, the craze seems specifically American, since the Apple Card should not arrive immediately in France. Especially since if it is not directly linked to a bank account, it nevertheless displays interest rates of 13 to 24%! This will undoubtedly slow down its extension in France, for example.