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The Apple A5 produced in the USA, by Samsung

The Apple A5 produced in the USA, by Samsung

The A5, the processor on the iPhone and iPad, will now be produced in Austin, USA. Samsung, which is responsible for this technology, has just opened a new factory in the American city, attracted by the skill level of the technicians and engineers on site.

A report from Reuters reported this morning that Korean manufacturer Samsung had reached its maximum production capacity at its new plant in Austin, USA. This is where the A5 dual-core processor apparently powers the iPhone and iPad.

Production of the A5 is said to have started this year with the aim of equipping all of Apple’s new devices. Twice as fast as the A4, the A5 is designed by Apple but produced by Samsung Electronics. The relocation of the production chain to the United States should allow better supply and especially the hiring of more qualified people for this job, the University of Austin so specializes in this branch. In total, no less than 1,100 people work on production, in addition to the 2,400 other employees assigned to Flash memory.

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