The answer to the Kindle Fire: iPod Touch sold?

The answer to the Kindle Fire: iPod Touch sold?

amazon-mobile-frAs you probably know, Amazon unveiled last week its first tablet with color screen called Kindle Fire with a big peculiarity: its price fixed at only 199 dollars!
An attack price that scares the competition even if its screen is only 7 inches (like the first Galaxy Tab) and the internet connection is only in WIFI.
For information, the beast carries a dual core processor and running Android, which is the heart of the system, with an interface reworked by Amazon.

In addition, obviously we will also have access to the books of the Kindle Store.

Kindle Fire

It was initially thought that it would be a serious competitor to the iPad but its size and price make it more an enemy for the iPod Touch and other tablets running Android.

Indeed in terms of price in the Apple range, the entry-level iPod Touch is at the same level as the Kindle Fire, which is why Apple could announce at its next Keynote, tomorrow, a significant price decrease of iTouch.

This would allow to reach even more people and to mark a little more the gap with the big brother the iPhone.

Wait & See, but it's a safe bet that if Apple operates a price cut, the difference between iPod Touch 4G and 5G (if it comes out) will not be crazy.