the ambitious Windows Phone under Intel processor finally abandoned

the ambitious Windows Phone under Intel processor finally abandoned

The images of a nice smartphone Windows 10 Mobile broadcast by @evleaks on Twitter sparked rumors about the arrival of a new model but it was without taking into account the wording used in the tweet which referred to the past.

Dell Windows Phone

Because the model presented will never see the light of day. According to Paul Thurrott, this is a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone project developed for a time by Dell but since abandoned. Its particularity was to embark a Intel SoC under x86 architecture, not an ARM processor like the vast majority of smartphones today.

The smartphone displays great finesse and should have highlighted the Continuum functionality of Windows 10, which can sometimes be transformed into an additional laptop. Paul Thurrott points out that the project lost its heart when Intel announced the abandonment of a series of development of Mobile SoC in the spring to focus on new projects.

Windows 10 mobile concept

Could the product really have seen the light of day, with such finesse, knowing the thermal constraints and the difficulties of keeping Intel SoCs at temperatures low enough for mobile uses, while keeping enough power to play a PC role contained in a smartphone?

This is in any case perhaps the path followed by Microsoft in the possible development of a Surface Phone turned to the professional market. Paul Thurrott notes that even a product as complete as the HP Elite X3, Continuum compatible, cannot provide the entire Windows 10 PC experience with its ARM SoC (SnapDragon 820) and must make concessions.