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the alternative Android store leaks millions of user data

Aptoide, the store that lists tens of thousands of applications for Android, has been hacked. Over 20 million user information was posted on a hack forum. And the pirate behind this great unpacking would still hold 19 million.

Huawei P40 Pro Aptoide

While the Google Play Store remains widely adopted by Android users, there are alternative stores that provide tens of thousands of apps for smartphones and tablets. We benefit for example from the Samsung Galaxy Store,AppGallery from Huawei, fromAppstore from Amazon … or blinds like Aptoide, which has an even greater number of applications than its competitors.

Aptoide is all the more popular at the moment as it is the perfect solution for those who bought a recent Huawei or Honor smartphone. The phones of the two brands are deprived of Google applications, they are delivered without the Play Store. It is therefore appropriate either to use the AppGallery (which offers a selection still limited to applications) or to call Aptoide, which undoubtedly represents panacea in terms of number of applications and update frequencies. Suffice to say that on smartphones like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and P40 Pro, Aptoide is an almost essential passage.

The hacker would have managed to hack 39 million Aptoide accounts

According to the ZDNet site, a hacker would have disseminated the information of 20 million user accounts on a hacking forum. But this figure would represent only part of its loot: it would 39 million Aptoide users affected. The pirate data would concern theemail address, password, real name of users, date of birth, Aptoide registration date, IP address, as well as the model of smartphone used.

On his blog, Aptoide acknowledges having been the victim of massive data hacking. According to a spokesperson, 97% of users of the application do not create an account. In addition, Aptoide clarified that the hack does not concern the approximately 32 million users who have registered via a Google or Facebook account. On the other hand, Aptoide still has 150 million users worldwide: if the service is to be believed, that still represents 4.5 million pirated accounts.

Aptoide has temporarily deactivated registration requests, the possibilities of connection to its service via a registered account, and prevents from adding a review or comment. If you want to know if your contact details have been compromised, go for example to the Firefox Monitor website, which has just updated its database by taking into consideration this new leak.

Source: ZDNet