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The AirPower went into production at the start of the year… An imminent exit?

TheAirPower has not been abandoned! On the contrary, even. The charging station, revealed in 2017 and which was to be released in our Apple Store last year, has not shown any signs of life for more than a year. The project was however more than interesting, and made the mouths of many fans of the apple brand: the station allowed wireless and ultra-fast recharging of up to three Apple devices. In his presentation, a iPhone, a Apple Watch and AirPods took advantage of it.

apple airpower - The AirPower went into production at the start of the year ... An imminent exit?

With the release of new AirPods, whose case can now be recharged wirelessly, there is still hope to see the AirPower coming out very soon. Especially since the Wall street journal reports that Apple would have given the green light to start production earlier this year! Already last January, several rumors indicated that the AirPower was currently under construction, even if it had to face some development problems.

When will AirPower be released? For the moment, no one knows. But in view of the latest surprise releases (iMac 4K, 5K, iPad Air, iPad mini 5, AirPods, etc.), all the editorial staff cross their fingers to hope to see it appear in the columns of the Apple Store online. We are also expecting very soon the next iPod Touch, which should be revealed very soon. Wait & See!