The AirPods represent 1/4 of bluetooth headphones sales!

The AirPods represent 1/4 of bluetooth headphones sales!

airpods apple iphone ipadThe wireless headset market has been steadily increasing over the last year, and new data from the research firm Slice Intelligence is highlighting it … It's clear that Apple is getting away with it once again. more very well.

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In the United States last month, about 75% of headphones sold online came from wireless models, up from just 50% in December 2015, according to Slice Intelligence. Apple's new AirPods have paved the way, capturing an estimated 26% share of online revenue in the wireless headset market since their launch on Dec. 13.

The AirPods have thus stolen first place in Beats, which returns to 15.4% market share on wireless headphones, a decrease of 24.1% between the beginning of 2015 and December 13th. Given that the apple firm owns Beats, we can also say that the firm alone has nearly 40% of online revenues on the market since the launch of its famous AirPods.

Bose is also one of the players who does not struggle too well either from 10.5 to 16.5% of market share thanks to its QC35 headphones or QC30 headphones, which the brand chose to release in upstream of the AirPods of the Cupertino giant. If you still hesitate you can find our 3 tests here:

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Slice Intelligence said spending on wireless headphones in the AirPods launch day was ten times above the average before the holidays for 2016. December 13 was also the day with the highest online spend on headphones compared last year, according to the research firm, Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday.

Research suggests 85% of buyers who bought AirPods are men, 35% of whom are young. Buyers tend to be slightly older than men, with a 38% drop in the baby boomer generation. These gender data are based on 2,871 online shoppers in the United States who purchased AirPods between December 13 and December 31.

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Official figures?

Apple has so far not revealed any figures on AirPods sales, even though Tim Cook claims that the wireless headphones have been a "hit" in the middle of "a big holiday". The AirPods are currently in limited stock and are shipped on average under 6 weeks in the United States even if 'Apple said it was striving to do everything possible to meet the demand.

So what about you? You are tempted by the wireless? Rather what model? We are waiting for your wireless comment below.emoji monkeys