AirPods headphones finally next week?

The AirPods? Like two computers according to Apple

The AirPods? Like two computers according to Apple – iPhone Soft

airpods apple iphone ipadApple's Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller has agreed to answer questions from Dutch media.

On this occasion, he spoke of many subjects, from the delay of the HomePod, to Face ID through augmented reality. His statement on the AirPods deserves to be reported.


schiller admires airpods for several reasons

Many customers say AirPods are their all-time favorite Apple product. It's such a simple targeted product. And they do such a simple thing. When you take them out of your ear the music stops automatically. You can put them back and the music starts again. But to make it happen, it took an incredible amount of technology. In reality, these are really two separate computers that you put in your ears. It is the epitome of Apple. We have exploited an eternal truth for Apple. There is nothing closer to Apple's DNA than that. Think Different should stay very close to the truth for a long time.

Coming back to the HomePod, Mr. Schiller explained the delay by announcing that Apple wants the device to be "Great"before marketing it.

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