The AirPods? A cultural phenomenon according to Tim Cook

The AirPods? A cultural phenomenon according to Tim Cook

airpods apple iphone ipadApple's AirPods have received a rather positive reception, since they finally arrived in stores, despite their high price and their delay in availability.

According to the boss of the apple brand, the AirPods would however have already become a "cultural phenomenon"A slightly daring statement, because we doubt that the AirPods will leave a mark as important as the iPhone. Read our review of AirPods to find out more.

Cook praising AirPods

The boss of Apple made this statement during the annual meeting with investors of the apple brand, stating that Apple was also struggling to have sufficient stock of AirPods .. Obviously, it does not s is not content with this one statement.

As we wrote last night, Mr. Cook talked about Pro customers and that's not all. Asked about the net neutrality, endangered by the Trump administration, he explained that Apple will take part in the debate if the subject becomes a political battle.

He also announced that Apple spent $ 50 billion in 2016 on American suppliers and that it is not because a product "is not yet visible, it is not one of our priorities". Inevitably, some will see a clue to the existence of a new product still secret …

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