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The A6, a processor that did not blush

The A6, a processor that did not blush

Our colleagues from Anandtech have literally dissected the iPhone 5 and reveal a multitude of details on its A6 processor, which has remained very mysterious so far. The opportunity to learn more about how it works …

We already knew that the new processor of the iPhone 5 achieved technical prowess thanks to the optimization of the system. What we did not know, however, is that this processor, which was hidden behind the code name “Swift”, is in fact a real jewel of technology.

In his article, Anandtech explains that the A6 is engraved in 32nm, with a frequency of 1.3 Ghz. Twice as powerful as the A5, the A6 was designed in-house by Apple, based on an ARMv7S architecture. Fast and energy efficient thanks to the limited number of hearts, the A6 benefits from an exemplary finish. It dramatically reduces latency is what makes the iPhone 5 so fluid. The A6 also incorporates a CPU made up of 3 decoders and 5 execution units, CPU which offers excellent performances to the processor.

Paradoxically therefore, if the A6 is not a revolution on paper, it is undoubtedly one of the most efficient processors of recent years, which owes all its success to the finishes provided by Apple.

With such positive conclusions, we tell ourselves that Apple should still be making big steps with its future A7 …

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