The A5s is built on the basis of a Dual-Core

According to an article from 9to5mac which dissects the A5s, the Apple processor which will notably equip the next version of the Apple TV is indeed used as a single-core processor, but based on a dual-core . It is also 41% smaller than the A5.

In the analysis of the new processor that is made, Chipworks concludes that the new generation A5, developed especially for the Apple TV and which we will call A5s in order to differentiate it from the traditional A5 processor, larger, is indeed a dual-core processor but which is used as a single-core. The explanation behind this reasoning? According to them, either Apple uses only one of the two parts of the processor, or the company has combined the two parts. Chipworks believes that this is a way of reducing costs. The reduced size (-41%) plays the same key role, in addition to reducing energy demand and increasing performance. Experts say the A5s could be used in the company's next iDevices even if the processor was only intended for the original Apple TV.

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