The A10 chip of the iPod Touch 7 is clamped!

The A10 chip of the iPod Touch 7 is clamped!

Apple iPod Touch 5GLaunched earlier this week, the iPod touch of the 7th generation did not raise the crowds with the little news it brought. And the biggest of them, the chip A10 Fusion, seems to be only a half.

Indeed, the iPod Touch 2019 arrives four years after the sixth generation has as main argument a chip A10 much more powerful than the A8 which equipped the last model. However, Apple did not exploit its full potential in believing the first benchmarks.

Our MacRumors colleagues did a performance test with the GeekBench app. The result is … interesting.

ipod touch 2019 7g blue

The iPod Touch 2019 is idling

As you can see from the screenshots, the Apple A10 Fusion chip of the iPod touch 7 is 1.6 GHz. When we discovered this processor in the iPhone 7, it turned 2.3 GHz. A difference that is reflected in the scores obtained.

The iPod touch 2019 gets here the following scores:

  • 2722 in monocoeur
  • 4695 in multicore

To compare with the scores of the iPhone 7 or the iPad 6 that share the same processor:

  • 3520 in monocoeur
  • 6079 in multicore

And for information, the 2015 iPod Touch got:

  • 1,330 in single-core
  • 2,250 in multicore

ipod touch 7 2019 benchmark

A private iPod with 30% power

By and large, the iPod Touch 7 is 30% less efficient than these cousins. Despite everything, it allows to have sufficient power in everyday life, even if the last games will have a little trouble turning. Too bad since it was one of the only selling points of this new generation.

But why have bridled the iPod Touch 7? Apple wanted to privilege the battery, while leaving it behind the iPhone 7 and higher who rate much more than 249.

We would prefer to wait for the iPod Touch 8, like the one we imagined yesterday.