The 9 funniest English sites for the best humor on the web

Comedy is a diverse and varied genre; two people do not have exactly the same tastes.

With the advent of the Internet, this no longer matters. There really is something for everyone, from low eyebrows to high eyebrows, from cheese to sharp satire.

Let’s start the laughter counter with the funniest websites on the web.

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It somehow seems appropriate to launch this list with This is a website specializing in English language accident photos, often overseas.

Let’s be clear, there’s absolutely no shame in making mistakes when English isn’t your first language, but this fun website usually focuses on mistakes businesses make – and there really isn’t no excuse for them.

Funny or Die’s Bread and Butter are viral videos, but it also mixes them up with a healthy dose of original comedian content. Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy started the site and it has since received a lot of support from Silicon Valley.

Once you’ve registered, you can vote on whether a video is funny or worth “dying”, hence the name.

Cheezburger is a mix of easily digestible videos, images, memes, and other content. It has been online since 2007, becoming one of the most popular sites on the internet with millions of hits per day.

At one point, the site became so popular that it turned into a reality TV show on Bravo. He followed the site staff during the creation of new positions.

If you’re looking for the best meme sites to make you laugh, check out Memedroid.

It has tens of thousands of memes to dig into and categorize. Memes are easy to find and navigate thanks to the categories on the left panel. You can view by Latest, Top, Random, Favorites and Ranking.

And, if you’re a memes pro, you can even upload your own memes for other people to check and rank.

Granted, “Pictures of Walls” doesn’t sound like the most inspiring title for a humorous page, but it is actually a great site.

It is filled with images of funny messages that people have graffiti on walls, buildings and other objects. Sometimes these are stand-alone sentences, sometimes they modify a sign or ad.

Memes aren’t the most original form of comedy on the web. Seems like jokes, pictures and punchlines are being recycled endlessly.

One even page that is beating the trend is PicturePunches. It seems to have much more original content than most fun memes sites. We’re not saying you’ll never see a duplicate, but it’s worth checking out if you want something new.

Marked as “comics, quizzes and stories,” The Oatmeal’s biggest circulation are the cartoons designed by its founder, Matthew Inman. The content itself is varied, covering everything from English language to computer use.

Each of the works on the site requires a lot of dedication; in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2010, Inman said each image takes him around eight hours to produce.

Most family homes have at least one photo on the wall that makes you shudder every time you see it.

This website brings all these images together in one place; from carefully recreated family portraits to perfectly synchronized snapshots, you can finally feel safe knowing you’re not the only one with a shoebox full of embarrassing photos.

If you want GIFs and memes, 9GAG has to be your first port of call.

Its up / down vote system means you’ll find new content every time you visit, and the frequently updated ‘Featured’ section usually focuses on what’s hot in the media at all times.

The site has also launched mobile apps for iOS and Android, and now boasts a thriving Reddit-esque community.

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The funniest websites you’ve visited?

We know we have only scratched the surface in this article. There are thousands of sites out there, all of which want to make you laugh. Many of them are not discovered in the small corners of the web. Let us know your suggestions in the comments.