The 7th Generation iPod Touch Promotion on Amazon

The 7th Generation iPod Touch Promotion on Amazon

Apple iPod Touch 6GWe almost forgot the iPod Touch! While Apple no longer sells iPod, it's the last survivor in the lineup. Announced in May 2019 for 249, the 7th generation of iPod Touch is currently on sale on Amazon, with a nice reduction compared to the sale price on the online Apple Store.

The iPod 7 this time 199 instead of 249

If you have a birthday, or if you start preparing your Christmas presents (yes, there are people who do it), this promotion may be of interest to you!
All colors of the digital walkman Apple, are currently on sale on Amazon France. The rate of 199 is for the smallest storage capacity, the 32 GB model.

ipod touch 7g promotion

An iPod touch that always sells well

Even if it is not the Apple product that sells the most, the iPod Touch is a classic for children, who are not yet old enough to have their first iPhone and for customers who just want a digital walkman in addition to their smartphone. What needs a bit in the iPod Touch 7G is that what it brings is a little (a lot) late compared to the latest iPhone. The Californian firm does not really seem to take care of its iPod Touch, which has features that date from the era of the iPhone 7, even if this time is not so far away.

The features of the iPod 7

With the iPod Touch 7th generation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the chip A10 Fusion, a chip that remains powerful for new games currently available on the App Store including Apple Arcade. The latest feedback on the digital player of Apple, are positive, there is no slow progress! Like what does not need to have the latest chip to fully enjoy the performance of an iOS device …
What cools a little is the size of the screen!
While today we are accustomed to notches of more than 6 inches in OLED, the iPod Touch 7th generation has remained the size 4 inches with a Retina notch and a resolution of 1166 x 640 pixels 326 dpi.

The iPod Touch 7G has Bluetooth 4.1, compatibility with WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, supports HD 1080p video recording.

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