The 5 best makeup apps for Android: your personal makeup artist!

If you do makeup for different occasions, you should know that some special styles and colors are better for you. Makeup simulator apps for android will help you to try different types of makeup on your face and see which one is the best that suits you and your clothes and then decide to put it into practice. These apps have different methods to show you how you look with makeup and they are sorted into android beauty apps, lifestyle apps and photography apps for android.

The 5 best makeup apps for Android: your personal makeup artist!

YouCam Makeup: Selfie Makeover is one of the best photography apps for Android which has the ability to put real-time makeup on you and the effects go naturally. She has a variety of styles and colors and you can try everything from lipsticks to eyeliner and contact lenses and see if it looks right on you or not. Not all photography apps for Android offer this amount of functionality; So don’t hesitate.

If you are an Android beauty app user, you must be familiar with Perfect 365: One-Tap Makeover. It’s a great way to try out different types of makeup and edit your look. You just need to define the different points of your face and the app will simply do the rest for you. You can just try on any makeup you want.

Several types of makeup await you in Makeup Premium. It is one of the best Android beauty apps and it recognizes different parts of your face perfectly. There are different hair styles and colors, eye contacts, lipsticks, skin colors, eyeliner and many more. You should definitely give it a try.

Sephora: Shop Makeup & Beauty is not only a brilliant way to test makeup on your face, but it’s also a great way to learn more. You will receive daily content and tips to learn more about the art of makeup. On the other hand, you can use these techniques in the application before applying them to your face.

Makeup Face Plus, our latest recommendation, brings you a variety of filter effects and you can try over 150 options for your face. There are different colors and shapes in these makeup effects and styles and it is a good way to test the makeup on your face.

Overall, these are the best makeup simulator apps for Android. You can try out whatever makeup you want in the app to see if it looks right on you and you can also learn how you should do it.