The 5 best farming games on Android and iOS

The 5 best farming games on Android and iOS

The 5 best farming games on Android and iOS

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At MakeUseOf, we love games. We love many different genres, including farming games. There's something intensely relaxing raising livestock and watering crops without having to do the heavy lifting. our appreciation of agricultural sims.

While there are tons of farming games that you can play on PC, there are also many free farming games available to play on mobile, so after playing a bunch to sort out the wheat from the chaff , here are the best farming games for your smartphone.

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1. Tiny Sheep

Tiny Sheep is exactly what it sounds like: a mobile farming game that lets you raise sheep on rustic terrain.

The main goal of this game is to buy sheep, feed the sheep and sell their wool for new supplies to make your farm more efficient.

It's like a cross between a pet game and a farming simulator. With absolutely adorable graphics and a very simple setup, Tiny Sheep ends up being really easy to use.

From the outset, this agricultural simulation guides you on your way to woolly domination with practical visual instructions. There are both in-app purchases and in-game ads, but we've found that these don't spoil our enjoyment.

Is Tiny Sheep the flashiest and most addictive game on our list? No, but it's a lot of fun.

Tlchargement:Tiny Sheep forAndroid |iOS(free purchases available in the app)

2. Hay Day

Hay Day was an agricultural simulation game that we didn't expect to enjoy as much as we did. On the surface, it looks a lot like Farmville, which was certainly not a brand in its favor.

much to our surprise, however, this game turned out to be fun and incredibly engaging. Hay Day reaches the right level between automation and customization. Its goal is to raise livestock and plant crops for profit. You can then use this profit to upgrade your farm.

Your farm will run on its own while you are not actively playing the game. When you are actively playing the game, you can upgrade and buy new items, animals or tools.

You can also move these objects, animals or tools on your map so that your farm looks exactly what you want.

Apart from this intelligent balance between automation and personalization:

  • Hay Day's leveling system is simple to follow.
  • The rewards are paced at equal speed so the game doesn't get boring, but there is no shortage of reasons to come back for more.

In fact, the game went so well for us that we even changed our mind about the artistic style and the idea that it was Farmville-esque.

The best thing of all? Although Hay Day uses in-app purchases, the game is still functional without them. You also don't need to see as many ads as they interfere with the game itself.

Tlcharger:Hay Day forAndroid |iOS(free purchases available in the app)

3. Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc. is an agricultural game that I have been playing personally for over a year, mainly because I am a big fan of its aesthetics in the game. If you open it, you will see that the game is lively, dcal and color, with a kind of “indie” look.

As an almost fully automated tapping game that runs in the background, the goal of Egg, Inc. is to build a poultry farm and turn it into a standard profit machine.

The ways to increase your profits are:

  • Tap the screen to lay more eggs.
  • Research of new chicken farming technologies.
  • Upgrading your agricultural building or your supplies.

Although this game looks great, it is unfortunately one of those extremely simple apps that should only be played for 10 minutes a night. There is basically no free choice for the player, because everything is automated So more than 10 minutes and you will be bored.

Tlchargement:Egg, Inc. forAndroid |iOS(free purchases available in the app)

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4. Blocky Farm

Are you looking for a game that is almost identical to Hay Day in terms of game mechanics, but has a distinctly different look?

Try Blocky Farm, a free farming simulator available for Android and iOS. When we say the two games are almost identical, by the way, we mean literally.

The gameplay between these two applications is reflected.

  • Hay Day and Blocky Farm both have similar in-game buying levels and the same level of ads.
  • Both give you easy to understand instructions and help you reach your goal of building a profitable farm.
  • In both games, the way to make a profit is to raise livestock and plant crops.

The only major difference is that Blocky Farm imitates an older style of pixelated graphics. You can also buy, raise, and play with your own pets at the start of the game, unrelated to the farm itself.

The choice of the game you want to engage with really depends on the type of graphics you like, because they're both so similar.

Tlcharger:Blocky Farm forAndroid | iOS(free purchases available in the app)

5. Farm Heroes Saga

The last one on our list is Farm Heroes Saga, a puzzle game with a distinct agricultural simulation appeal.

Like Tiny Sheep, Farm Heroes Saga is a kind of cross-genre mix, the main goal of the game is to match different fruits and vegetables on a checkered board.

  • When you match three or more vegetables of the same type of row, they are removed from the map.
  • The points won from these matches go towards your overall score, which must pass a certain threshold in order for you to progress to the next level.
  • With the points you earn in each level, you can also move your player to a larger game board in Farm Heroes Saga – similar to the winding path you see in My Tamagotchi Forever, another free mobile game.
  • When you reach the upper levels, you can earn different animals, objects and power-ups to help you on the farm.

While this game is by no means a simulator in the traditional sense of the word – it definitely builds more on the side of the puzzle – Farm Heroes Saga is a good alternative for people who want to play something in farming for a few minutes each night.

Tlcharger:Farm Heroes Saga forAndroid | iOS(free purchases available in the app)

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The best farming games to scratch this itch

Perhaps the reason why mobile farming games are so popular has less to do with farming itself than with the idea.After all, farming is a labor-intensive career, but it's fun to imagine growing your own food with almost no hard work.

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