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The 5 best apps for screen sharing on Android and iPhone

The 5 best apps for screen sharing on Android and iPhone

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Screenshots are great for sharing a snapshot of what's on your phone screen, but screenshots don't meet the most demanding scenarios, such as troubleshooting, creating instruction guides or collaboration with distant friends.

Fortunately, live screen sharing tools aren't just limited to desktop computers. You can easily stream your phone screen to someone else. Here's how to share your phone screen and the best apps. screen sharing for Android and iOS.

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The simplest method of screen sharing: Skype

Microsoft’s video calling platform, Skype, lets you share your computer or phone screen during a video call, and it’s available on all platforms, including Android and iOS apps.

Since it is independent of the operating system, it does not matter whether the recipient is using a telephone or a desktop computer. You can use it to stream content from your telephone to a desktop computer or vice versa. In addition to individual sessions, you can display the contents of your screen for free in a group video call.

1. How to share your Android or iPhone screen with Skype

Skype's screen sharing tool requires no configuration on your part. All you need is a Microsoft account. First, download Skype to your phone, then launch the app and sign in.

If you have not already done so, add your friend to your contact list by searching for theirSkype IDin the search bar at the top.

Now start a video call with them by pressing theiconofcamcorderin the upper right corner of the cat. When your friend takes it in hand, press thebuttonthree pointsat the bottom right of the call interface and selectShare screenYour screen and what you do on it will be visible to your friend.

To end screen sharing and return to the camera feed, press the blue buttonStop sharing.

Skype offers many other communication tools. There is a built-in translator capable of transcribing the audio of a real-time call and displaying the subtitles in different languages. In addition, you can record calls, smart suggestions for text messages and other Skype features.

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Alternative screen sharing apps for Android and iOS

Skype is not perfect. The Microsoft account requirement may put you off. Therefore, if you find that Skype is missing a bit or want to control other devices remotely, here are some alternatives.

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a more advanced solution for sharing your mobile screen. It is mainly used for troubleshooting. On Android, in addition to broadcasting your screen, it even allows you to allow your correspondent to control it remotely.

However, unlike Skype, TeamViewer is not a traditional video calling application. This means that you cannot chat directly with the recipient. In addition, its configuration is much more complicated than Skype and you have to download several additional applications.

The easiest way to share an Android or iOS screen via TeamViewer is to use the TeamViewer QuickSupport application, which allows you to instantly generate a unique identifier for your device and to share your screen without creating a TeamViewer account.

Open the app when it is installed, press the buttonSend your usernameto transfer a connection link via a messaging or messaging application. On the second phone, install the main TeamViewer client and open the link you sent. Once the sender has confirmed the connection, you will be able to see the split screen.

Tlcharger:TeamViewer forAndroid|iOS(free)Tlcharger:TeamViewer QuickSupport forAndroid|iOS(free)

3. Squad

Squad is a social screen sharing app that aims to make virtual meeting places easy. You can call up to nine people via video and share your iOS or Android screen in real time to, for example, buy online together or get advice on dating.

Instead of broadcasting your entire screen, Squad lets you focus on a single application. It consumes less bandwidth and is useful when talking to more than one friend in one call. However, this feature doesn’t is available only for Android users.

In addition, an option allows you to create groups and quickly start a video chat with all members. In addition, Squad operates as a standard instant messaging service and offers the possibility of sending ordinary texts and images.

Squad is downloadable for free, but it asks for your phone number to create a new account. At the time of this writing, Squad for Android is in early access.

Tlcharger:team for Android | iOS (free in-app purchases available)

4. Lightbeam

Lightbeam has a feature set that is largely identical to Squad, but it stands out for its unique screen sharing capabilities.

Like Squad, you can video chat and stream your screen at the same time, but Lightbeam has also integrated live commentary into the screen sharing window.

So instead of letting a group of friends talk about the content of your screen, they can leave a text comment that will appear above the discussion board. This is ideal when planning, for example, the route of a trip and want to keep an eye on what everyone is thinking. However, Lightbeam only supports a maximum of four participants in one call.

At the time of writing, the Lightbeam iOS client is in its infancy and is not publicly available.

Tlcharger:Ray of light for Android (Free)

5. Mimicr (Android)

Another screen sharing service that Android users can try is Mimicr. The app can stream your phone screen with minimal latency.

Mimicr can transmit your screen content to a second phone by running the same application or through a web link. This last method allows you to reflect the screen on any phone (or even a computer) by simply opening the link in Browser.

In addition, Mimicr has a voice chat option that allows you to speak to the recipient while sharing your guts. Alternatively, the receiver can express themselves using reactions and mojis.

Mimicr is available for free, but it's Android exclusive at the moment.

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Also share your computer screen

You no longer need to rely on static screenshots to plan a trip with your distant friends or to get help from a service center representative. These apps will allow you to share easily and for free. on your phone screen.

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