The 5 best Android apps for English pronunciation: Say the words correctly!

Anyone who wants to speak a language correctly should know how to pronounce it and clearly articulate words. The best Android apps for English pronunciation will be presented today to help you know the correct pronunciation of words. As you know, if you don’t pronounce the words correctly, people might find it funny or maybe they don’t even understand you. So you can use a little help from the Android educational apps that we are going to introduce. So, if you want to pronounce Android correctly, here are the best apps that will help you do it.

The 5 best Android apps for English pronunciation: Say the words correctly!

English Pronunciation is one of the best Android educational apps that teaches you sounds, words and how to pronounce them. She listed the sounds by the phonetic signs and you will be able to distinguish the sounds from each other. Then you can learn more about the pronunciation of different words and you can even test your own and compare it with the correct ones.

Have you ever wished you had a pronunciation program that teaches you how to pronounce English correctly and also checks your pronunciation to make sure you are doing it correctly? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Learn how to pronounce correctly on Android step by step with Speak English. It is a great app that has divided the lessons into beginner and advanced sessions and you can choose them according to your knowledge. You will listen to the different pronunciations and lessons to improve it, repeat them and compare your pronunciation with them.

ELSA is the ultimate accent reduction app for English learners. ELSA, your English Speech Assistant, speaks English to you like an American. Powered by award-winning speech recognition technology, ELSA figures out where the errors are in your pronunciations and shows you how to improve.

The Pronunciation of American English, our final recommendation, teaches you how to pronounce details with the phonetic alphabet. To pronounce the words correctly, you should be able to distinguish the sounds of the words from each other and that is exactly what the app helps you.

Overall, these are the best Android apps for English pronunciation. We use them to improve our pronunciation skills by learning the sounds and repeating the correct pronunciations.