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The 5 best alternatives of Kodi in 2019

The 5 best alternatives of Kodi in 2019

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Kodi is a versatile and comprehensive tool that is very useful not only for watching a myriad of movies, TV shows, live TV, sports or playing retro games online, but also for managing content. Offline you already have.The best thing about Kodi is that it is open-source and that it supports third party modules that increase its utility in many ways.In addition, it works on multiple platforms, including desktops, smartphones and tablets, keys and TV cases and mmeRaspberry Pi.

However, learning how to use and use Kodi can prove to some users, especially those who are not very fond of DIY. So, if you are ready to dive into an experiment of more media consumption, we have Kodi, who will offer you almost the same flexibility in terms of content available with a little more ease in terms of content discovery and visualization.

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Best alternatives from Kodi in 2019

1. Plex

Without a doubt one of the best Kodi alternatives you can find, Plex is full of tons of features.ideal for thestreaming digital media stocks locally to multiple devices(for example, smartphones, decoders)via the network, thanks to its client-server architecture.However, Plex also has a home theater software that lets you view / manage your multimedia library via an immersive user interface. And just like the add-ons that make Kodi so great, Plexhas a whole collection of channels, which allow you to watch streaming content on a variety of topics, such as news and technology.

In addition, since the Plex Multimedia server module supports transcoding of multimedia content for streaming to different devices, it can even run on low-power PCs and optimize bandwidth utilization. the other remarkable features are theavailability on various platformsformsand onepremium level subscription, which gives you even more features, such as movie trailers and wireless synchronization of photos on the media server.

Availability of the platform:Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop), iOS, Android, Windows Phone (mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox,PlayStation (Others)

Price:The free and paid subscription starts at $ 4.99 / month, for additional features.


2. Emby

If you like Plex's streaming media approach, but not the fact that it includes proprietary software components, EmbyOpen Sourcecould be the Kodi alternative for you.It is also based on the client-server approach and facilitates the streaming of media stocks locally to devices connected to the network.Emby also includes a little bit ofLive TV functionality and also allows you to managerecordingsDVR.But more importantly, Embycomes with features such asparental controlandWeb tools to quote the metadata, the subresearch titles, etc.Emby can also transcode media files for different streaming devices and also supports streaming to DLNA-compatible devices.

Emby has evenuncomplement Kodiqui gives library management functions Kodi dEmby.In addition, thepremium subscriptionunlocks features such as movie mode and server configuration backup / restore.Although nothing is as powerful as Plex or Kodi, if you are looking for a simpler Kodi alternative, it will be useful.

Availability of the platform:Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop), iOS, Android, Windows Phone (mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV(Other)

Price:Free, paid subscription starting from $ 4.99 / month, for exclusive features.


3. MediaPortal 2

MediaPortal 2 is aopen source multimedia playerdesigned primarily to work with hardware such as a digital recorder, Blu-ray player or TV tuner and to enhance the use of the MediaPortal 2, in addition to easier reading of multimedia files from a connected drive,automatically retrieves information about DVD movies and TV missions from IMDb, and record this information so that it can be easily captured and displayed when you watch the same movie or listen. at the same album again.

In addition to supporting a wide range of TV cards, including analog cards such as ATSC and DVB, as well as DVR and disc players,MediaPortal also organizes your image filesLike Kodi, MediaPortal supports a variety of plug-ins that let you listen to online radio, view mto, read news, or use a mobile device to control the media center via Wi-Fi.The developer behind MediaPortal 2 claims that it was built and is much better than the first generation of the software.

The only limitations of MediaPortal 2 are that it depends on external hardware if you want to use it better and is currently only available on Windows. Nevertheless, when it comes to offline media management, it is one of the best alternatives, if not the best. , from Kodi to the market today.

Availability of the platform:Windows



4. Stremio

Stremio is aexclusive multimedia player using a very heavy version of KodiBut unlike Kodi, you do not need to source or bind the sources individually, Stremio does it automatically. He lists only the best-known movies, TV series and YouTube channels and also gives you a list of sources. from which it can broadcast multimedia content. Available options include sources such as torrents as well as paid sources.

Stremio allows users to create a personal library containing everything they want to watch on the service.If a particular movie is not available online and is reserved for cinemas, Stremio will also inform users.I like the fact that the media player allows you to stream movies directly from two premium services, such as Netflix, as well as free torrents portals, also showing the current number of content creators for a movie or a mission TV.

There isa series of dadd-ons allowing to access various contents.Some of the options available include Popcorn Time, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. In addition to displaying a healthy content library, Stremio also warns you when a new episode is added to your library's television missions. Overall, the highly interactive, modern interface and automatic additions make Stremio one of the best Kodi multimedia and alternative players.

Availability of the platform:Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Price:free and paid pay servers for certain content


5. Universal Multimedia Server

If you only want to stream multimedia content via DLNA compatible devices, Universal Media Server will serve you perfectly. It has an extremely simple user interface and can be configured quite easily.Supports broadcast on a wide variety of devices and can transcode most audio, video and image formats without configuration.Among its many features are speed-dependent network speed adjustment and a web-based interface for even non-DLNA compatible devices.

To configure Universal Media Server, simply add the location of the media stock in the Share navigation setting. Now, open a web browser (or a DLNA browser application) on any device connected to the same network as the one used to host the server and enter the IP address of the hosting device followed by : 9001.In my case, the URL was192.168.1.6:9001and to check yours, you can click on the button Web interface above. Once other devices such as smartphones, TVs, tablets, game consoles or other computers in the same network are connected to the server, they can view and play all multimedia content such as pictures, videos, music, etc.

The beauty of Universal Media Server lies in the fact that it works on any device that supports Java. To make sure it works properly on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, you may need to download Java to your computer.

Availability of the platform:Windows, Mac, Linux



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The best alternatives of Kodi try in 2019

Kodi is far from unbeatable when it comes to offering versatile content and impressive customization options. But if you only want to use one specific type of Kodi functionality, these alternatives will be useful. You can also try these solutions alongside Kodi to expand the entertainment possibilities.

If you mainly use online content, we recommend that you start with Stremio, which contains many free video sources, then (maybe), then switch to Plex or Emby if you want to enjoy more premium content.If you want From your TV and DVD / Blu-ray hardware, you can start by choosing MediaPortal 2, while Universal Media Server will be useful for hosting inventory files on one system and readable by others.

Depending on your needs, we hope that some of the aforementioned Kodi alternatives will meet your expectations.Do you think that another media player can complete or even completely replace Kodi? Tell us below in the comments.

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