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The 4G iPhone would be equipped with a Qualcomm dual-mode chip!

The rapprochement between Apple and the chip maker Qualcomm confirms itself for the development of the future iPhone 4G!

Our article of November 19 already made the state and the sounds of a new iPhone 4G in 2010 are becoming more and more insistent.

Today, the iPhone 3G / S is equipped with chipsinfinon, but there are indications that the future iPhone will be equipped witha dual chip compatible on the AT & T network but also on the Verizon network.

These dual carrier chips would allow future phones to work at full capacity on the network Verizon CDMA / EV-DO, but also on the network UMTS / HSPA dAT & T.

The new chips also offer support for the future LTE network, the next standard 3GPP generation that most operators plan to test.

However, some analysts say that it would be impossible for this chip to be offered for the future iPhone of 2010 because the field tests have still not been carried out. In the best of cases, this iPhone would see the light of day in 2011!

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