The 2010 retrospective, to better start 2011!

The 2010 retrospective, to better start 2011!

The end of 2010 is coming very fast and before entering 2011, the editorial team of Belgium-iPhone wishes to return to the news that marked this year rich in news, announcements, rumors, but also on the events that punctuated the daily life of the site.

Apple :

The beginning of 2010 was marked byabsence of Apple at the biggest Mac dedicated show: MacWorld. With the large influx of people in the physical Apple Stores and in the Apple Premium Resellers, Apple is therefore turning the page on this long history which links it with this oldest living room dedicated to the Mac…

Apple surprised at the start of the year withintroduction of the iPad, a touch pad powered by an Apple A4 processor and technical specifications to make other manufacturers fall in love with it and thus put their feet in the emerging market of electronic books.

The introduction of the iPad will bring theiBook Store introduction for iPhone and iPad, where you can download e-books. The success in Belgium of this online catalog is quite mixed insofar as only free works from the Gutemberg project are available. Many are waiting for the catalog on the Belgian store to expand a little.

The App Store has also seen a new section open, for applications intended exclusively for the apple tablet. The developers were thus able to offer many updates with the possibility of offering a universal version, that is to say compatible with iPhone and iPad (in the native resolution of the latter two).

Photo credit: VentureBeat

2010 also saw the birth ofiPhone 4, a long overdue design overhaul! The technical characteristics of the latter still put Apple at the head of the pack (Apple A4 processor, 5 megapixel camera, front camera, Flash LED, Gyroscope, etc …) despite a case that will have made a big splash: the antenna-gate. Indeed, a design problem in the antenna of the iPhone 4, located in the metal outline of the latter makes some users lose, the GSM signal necessary for the proper functioning of the machine. The Cupertino company has therefore launched a program to obtain a free bumper, this protection which prevents direct contact between the hand and the antenna of the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 has arrived with the new mobile operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch: iOS 4. The latter offers features that have been awaited for a long time by a good number of people: support for multitasking, background screens, character counter for SMS, Game Center, etc.

In September, Apple launched the fourth generation iPod Touch, offering the latter a front and rear camera to allow video conferencing via Facetime. But that's not all, the Cupertino company also started its own social network: ping. The latter is based on the identifiers of Apple accounts and allows you to share extracts of music via the iTunes Store, to tag your favorite songs in order to share them with your friends.

ping is one of those flops at the end of 2010 insofar as Apple is struggling to face tough competition with Facebook and Twitter, to recite nobody else but them.

What can we expect in 2011 ?

Rumors are rife since a second generation iPad is announced in the first half. This new model would have a front camera allowing video conferencing via Facetime, it could embed a dual core processor and a larger amount of RAM.

The renewal cycle of the pomm smartphone should take place around the end of June or, at least, during the month of July. The fifth generation iPhone could also ship this new dual-core processor, just like the second generation iPad. We can trust Apple to offer us new features: we think FM radio (which the company has patented a short time ago in this sense), an integration of CDMA and LTE (4G) standards, a modification of the antenna design to avoid reception concerns, etc.

2011 will also be the year where iOS 5 will be released. For the moment, we know nothing about this future operating system except that it will, presumably, only be accessible to owners of iPhone 3GS (with a significant restriction of functionality), iPhone 4 and Fifth generation iPhone. We can argue this as far as with iOS 4, Apple has stopped supporting the iPhone V1 and, regarding the iPhone 3G, the latter can run iOS 4 but with a lot of flimsy features. 2011 will therefore turn the page to support iPhone 3G with iOS 5 …

2011 will also mark the arrival of Mac App Store, an online application store, in the same style as the App Store, but for Mac OS X. The latter will be launched this Thursday, January 6!

Mac OS X Lion (10.7) should also arrive in the course of this new year.

Belgium-iPhone :

Belgium-iPhone has also experienced a significant change this year since the site was taken over by the Rossel group. Belgium-iPhone has not changed since the whole team is always available to help you and to provide you with the latest information, rumors and tests.

Thank you our member “President” for the photography

We also renewed this year with the Activation Party. This event took place in the premises of the daily newspaper The evening and allows us to meet the members of the forum in a friendly place, over a drink, to discuss problems, rumors, news and to help sick iPhone. The weather did not play in our favor this December 19 but that did not change anything with the success of this new Activation Party. With the new jailbreak and dsimlock solutions, it seems clear to us that this kind of event will repeat itself very quickly in 2011!

Many changes in the status of colors on the forum have taken place during this year in order to reward members who do not stand out for their help and expertise in the face of problems encountered by members. This allows us to keep a dynamic team, in constant evolution, to offer you the best possible help day by day!

One More Thing :

Belgium-iPhone is pleased to announce the Belgium-iPhone app for iPhone coming soon. The latter should be available on the App Store during the beginning of 2011.

Members who were able to attend the Activation Party organized on December 19 were able to discover, in preview, the future application of your favorite site!

This will allow you to consult the news of the blog (to intervene via comments or even, by proposing your own report yourself), but also to connect to the forum! As you can see, the Belgium-iPhone application will keep you up to date with the latest “apple” news during your travels, but also follow the threads on the forum.

The Belgium-iPhone application will be offered free of charge on the App Store. More information will be provided to you in due course.

What do you expect from 2011?

Members and readers of Belgium-iPhone, what do you expect from 2011? We are interested in your opinion!

Come discuss it with us on the forum.