The 1st HomePods arrived ... in Luxembourg

The 1st HomePods arrived … in Luxembourg

The 1st HomePods arrived … in Luxembourg – iPhone Soft

homepod apple iconIt regularly happens that England or Germany have apple products or services several months or weeks before their arrival in France.

For the HomePod, there was a bug in the store, since one might think that Apple has completely zapped the heavyweights of the Old Continent, by delivering its first HomePods to Luxembourg after the United Kingdom.


homepods have already arrived in luxembourg

This device was picked up at Auchan in Kirchberg by a readeriGen.

It is actually a HomePod from the United Kingdom. It therefore has in particular a specific socket for this and a priori … it only speaks English.

Taking this feature into account, while adding the high price of 469, you'd better wait until April to buy your model in France if you are interested.


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