The 15 most used social networks in the world

Today, the importance of social networks is total and absolute. A few years ago, no one could imagine how networks would change personal, business and commercial relationships. Also, now every business has to be there if it wants to be visible. And it is that what does not communicate does not exist. Do you know which are the 7 most used social networks in the world?

15 most used social networks in the world

In this article, we are going to reveal all the 7 most used social networks in the world.

Social network

Monthly visitors

Facebook 1,940,000,000
Youtube 1,000,000,000
Instagram 700,000,000
Twitter 313,000,000
Reddit 250,000,000

Vine (In January 2017, The Vine became the Vine Camera)

Pinterest 150,000,000 160,000,000
Tumblr 115,000,000
Flickr 112,000,000
Google+ 111,000,000
LinkedIn 106,000,000
VK 90,000,000
ClassMates 57,000,000
Meetup 30,300,000

Social network application

Monthly visitors

Messenger (owned by Facebook)


WhatsApp (owned by Facebook)

QQ Chat 899,000,000
WeChat 806,000,000

Instagram (owned by Facebook)

QZone 652,000,000
Viber 249,000,000
LINE 218,000,000
Snapchat 200,000,000
YY 122,000,000

These are the most used social networking sites around the world. Incredible isn’t it? Share your views on the same in the comments section below.

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What social networking site do you use the most?