The 10 new features of macOS High Sierra (+ compatibility)

The 10 new features of macOS High Sierra (+ compatibility)

icon macos sierra 2016.pngApple has shown a great originality named the successor of macOS Sierra, it is macOS High Sierra! This simply indicates that we do not move on to something completely different, but that the Californian society still offers us a small lot of very nice novelties.

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Speed: Safari is 80% faster and becomes the fastest web browser in the world, just that. It would be nearly 40% faster than the Google Chrome reference.

Autoplay: Safari now blocks videos that start on their own and bother you. Of course you can play them at your convenience when you have decided.

Intelligent tracking prevention: Safari ensures the respect of your privacy and now intelligently protects trackers that track all your actions on the web.


Enhanced Search, Split View and Disk Space Optimization are the main menu items for Mail. Mail and all its content takes up 35% less space.


Photo now has a keyword management that allows you to find and classify photos in your library more easily than ever.

While it was already very good, facial recognition has been improved and you will certainly have less time to merge photos of the same person who would not have been recognized.

The photo editor has new features, for example with the ability to change only a color on photos to easily isolate an item to work on Photoshop or other third party software while the clipping could have taken a moment.

APFS file management

Apple had surprised us to integrate the Apple File System (APFS) on iOS with iOS 10.3, macOS will also be able to enjoy with High Sierra. The old HFS who has seen too much spring is bowing to the APFS, which offers more security, speed and performance. Craig Federighi showed us the video copying voluminous and it was done in a flash against about 15 seconds under the previous system.

H.265 codec

For video macOS now natively supports the H.265 codec that can compress high-definition video and takes up much less space than videos that use the H.264 codec. A novelty that should end up on iOS 11, a good news knowing that the storage capacity of Apple products is often quite limited.

Graphics Engine Metal 2

Metal introduces there are some version on iOS and allows to enjoy improved graphics especially in video games now holds his successor. Here again the originality in his name: Metal 2. Better performances and various improvements will be to discover.

Compatibility of MacOS High Sierra

The pre-2009 iMacs will not be able to install macOS 10.13 High Sierra, the same for Macbooks before the end of 2009. Basically, if your Mac is from 2010 or older, you're still at ease.

Availability, exit

The first beta is available today for developers, at the end of June for members of Apple's public beta test program and in the fall for the general public.

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So, what do you think ? Other novelties have marked you?