The 10 best Instagram video editing apps for Android and iPhone

The 10 best Instagram video editing apps for Android and iPhone

The 10 best Instagram video editing apps for Android and iPhone

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Instagram started as a simple photo sharing platform, but with online videos and IGTV, the platform has come a long way. Now internet users are using Instagram to publish personal, professional and marketing videos. the shortest principle, the platform also has a lot to offer. However, when you want to make such videos, Instagram's built-in video editor won't help you much. In other words, you usually need apps for Instagram video editor. In this case, you can find lots of apps like this on all platforms, each offering something new. In this article, we have compiled some of the best editor apps for Instagram videos for Android and iPhone. We have tried to include in the list of dedicated editors as well as hybrid applications (camera + editor), and you can choose in function tion of your needs.

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Best Instagram Video Editor apps in 2019

1. Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera is a Instagram Instagram video editing app to discover. It does something superb: this toolallows you to record horizontal video even when holding your phone vertically.So, it solves one of the biggest problems you face when uploading videos to Instagram. Now you can't use Horizon as an editing tool, but the hybrid function seems very useful.

To make things more practical,Horizon Camera offers three different modes, depending on the level of the capture area. Apart from this great work, you can record videos with filter using Horizon Camera. You can also capture horizontal photographs when you record a video using the Once done, the app will also save the video to your SD card, not just Instagram.

We recommend Horizon Camera if you're looking for another Instagram camera with minimal editing options, it's much better than shooting a vertical video and then compromising important parts, you know, so it's definitely worth a try. .

pricing:free in-app purchases available


2. Boomerang

Boomerang is a popular video editing app for Instagram content, in fact, you could even say make a Boomerang and people would understand.capture inmadea number of continuous shots and combine them to create a mini-video. The video will last several seconds, but the action will be repetitive.

Once you've captured the video, you have a few basic editing options, for example,you can adjust the speed and intensity of the Boomerang effect.It should be noted however that the app will not help you make any other changes to the video. It is either Boomerang or nothing. In fact, Boomerang videos have become a status quo with regard to Instagram posts and statutes.

Boomerang for Instagram is at the top of our list if you want to make a fun video for Instagram. While it doesn't offer any advanced features, you can count on it for videosboomerangYou can also try some effects.



3. Apple Clips

Do you post funny and sometimes personal videos on Instagram? If so, Apple Clips is one of the best video editors for iPhone. The best part? It's built into the software interface. As it is made by Apple, it works perfectly on iPhone. Again, this is a hybrid app.You will be able to see the effects in real time while recording the video.

There is awonderful collection of effects and filters in the library.The most important is the automated caption, which understands what you say and displays it as a subtitle. This is an interesting feature when you have a global audience. You can also use several smart background notes from the collection provided by Apple.

Apple Clips may not be the most professional video editor for iPhone, but it's the best for Instagrammers, and it certainly does better than the camera's built-in Instagram user interface, which improves a lot. The only limitation is that you can't get it for Android.



4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is what you would call the professional video editor for Android and iOS (a little). Compared to the other video editors we listed above,FilmoraGo offers a multitude of video editing options, suitable for a variety of types of Instagram videosWhether you make a solo recording or a landscape, FilmoraGo will have the right effects for you.

From cutting the video to the voice over and cropping to overlays, FilmoraGo offers almost all of the features you'll find in a desktop video can make your Instagram videos look more professional in terms of lookThat said, there isn't a steep learning curve either, in fact, you can actually make a really cool video in seconds.

So if you need a really professional video editing app for Instagram content, FilmoraGo is an option you can test out. Note that although the app is available for Android and iOS, the iOS version does not offer the same level of functionality.

Price:free, with integrated purchases


5. Quik

Quik is a video editing app developed by GoPro, the same company behind the action cameras. If you haven't guessed, the app is supposed to help you edit GoPro videos, but you can also use it for normal videos. I would say thatQuik is the fastest way to compile photos and videos and create a great video outingEven in the free version, many effects and transitions are available.

Despite the professional quality assured, it is incredibly easy to use Quik. You can select the videos or photos you want to compile and create the effect / transition of your choice. Quik also allows you to add some customizations to the videos You can also import more effect collections if you are bored of existing effects.

Quik is recommended if you're looking for a professional-quality video editor for Instagram, but you need to make sure the video is the right size before applying effects and transitions. Keep that aside and Quik is perfect.



6. Lapse It

Lapse This is another hybrid Instagram video editor app to find out. As you may have guessed from its name,Lapse It allows you to make accelerated videos on your iPhone and Android.You can use this app to record a tie-lapse video as well as to convert an existing gallery video to a time-lapse. Second, the app takes a while to render the output.

Even if there is an output, you can customize the result. For example,you can cut the video or include background music, etc.Once you have chosen everything, the video output is only a few seconds. We should also mention the fact that Lapse It has one of the best user interfaces that we have seen. That said, many features are reserved for professional users .

We highly recommend Lapse It as an Instagram video editor if you are specifically looking for videos in the time-lapse sector. often you can also consider switching to Pro.

Price:free, $ 2.99


7. Foodie Camera

Do you capture photos and videos of the food you enjoy? In this case, you should take a look at the Foodie camera, available for iOS. As the name suggests,the application has been optimized for capturing photos, videos and other food-related content.In fact, to complete the experience, there is a wide variety of filters that you can also consult.

You could say Foodie Camera is a photo-oriented photo app, but the video section is just as can combine some of the recent photos and create a seasonal video.Likewise, Foodie Camera lets you try multiple filters live when recording, again, we won't recommend this tool for classic photographic adventures.

So if you take a lot of photos and videos related to food, the Foodie camera is a great option. You can never go wrong with the filters on the screen. Having said that, we wanted Foodie Camera to allow a few options to keep the video personalized.



8. Adobe Premiere Clip

From the same lineup as Premiere, one of the most trusted video editors, Adobe Premiere Clip is a great way to create stunning videos for Instagram and other purposes. Compared to other listed applications, Adobe Premiere Clip offers more features and is optimized for mobile devices, depending on the level of control you need, it allows you to choose between modes.

Adobe Premiere Clip will generate video in auto mode; however, if you want to make more changes to the content, such as cropping and basic sequencing, you can also use Advanced mode. Basically, you can spend a few minutes or seconds to get the best video possible from existing photos or video clips.

This is our top-notch suggestion when you need proper control over video editing. By the way, if you want to have even more control over video editing, you can check out Adobe Premiere Rush, which, although for a fee, offers a ton of editing options that you can't find on the other Instagram video editing apps on this list.



9. KineMaster

KineMaster isconsidered one of the most popular professional video editors for Android and iOS.You would have seen videos made with KineMaster on social media platforms. If you want to bring a lot of effects as well as transitions in your output video, this is a great choice. To begin with, you can choose from a variety of quick transitions and effects.

Keep the options simple, KineMaster is indeed an advanced video editing suite. You can have multilayer video editing with other features. The best part? If your device allows it,you can export a 4K video at a rate of 30 FPSwhich is great. That said, KineMaster works best if you have a high performance device at your disposal.

KineMaster would be our best recommendation if you are looking for professional level editing options on your smartphone screen. Some features may indeed be premium, but the overall offer is suitable for beginners. Although not optimized for Instagram, many users use it.

Price:free with integrated purchases


10. Magisto

Magisto, as the developers say, is a smart video editor. When you want to group multiple videos or photos, Magisto is the easiest way to do it.choose the photos and videos you want to combine, Magisto will do the rest for youand even upload video to the cloud, which means you can access the same video from other platforms that support the app.

For one thing, Magisto doesn't give you a lot of control over the editing process. But it's something you should assume when you decide to use an "intelligent" video editor. For the same reasons,Magisto is a great choice when you want to create a quick video for Instagram.If you're using the paid version, you'll also have access to some advanced effects and transitions, which is great.

All in all, Magisto is a great choice when you want to experience the fastest video experience, for example, if you want to combine all the memories of a week and make a great story on Instagram, you can do it with the Help from Magisto.Do not expect this to help you customize, however.

Price:free, $ 4.99 / month


Make your video shine with these awesome Instagram Video Editor apps

Apparently, these are the best Instagram video editing apps that you can try on Android and iPhone. As we said, we have included video editing apps and hybrid video editing apps. Choosing between them is entirely For example, if you want a professional editing experience, opt instead for dedicated video editing applications such as KineMaster. On the other hand, if you need quick and easy editing, you should use Quick or Magisto.Check the list and tell us your favorite Instagram video editor apps by writing in the comments section below.

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