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Thanks to the iPhone 11 hires are numerous

Thanks to the iPhone 11 hires are numerous

Thanks to the iPhone 11 hires are numerous – iPhone Soft

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe iPhone 11 has the merit of one thing, it is to upset the workforce on the production chains! One of the suppliers of the future iPhone has exploded its number of employees.

Apple orders are standard

Every year it is the same refrain, Apple normally orders components for its new iPhone, to anticipate record sales at startup. From April, the big rush begins and the suppliers focus almost only on the production of the components of the Apple smartphone.

One of the suppliers is trying to keep up, as he can. It is LG Innotek who is responsible for producing camera modules of the iPhone XI, we just learned today that the organization on the part of the supplier has been there since its workforce has increased from 200 880 salaris between end of March and end of June.

iphone 11

Foxconn also increases the number of its employees

Seasonal hiring at Foxconn tended to take place in late June, early July. To motivate its troops, according to the Economic Daily News, Foxconn offers this year a bonus of 4500 yuan (About 574) for its salaris which renew their employment contract.


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