[Test] What is Boulanger’s Ultrabook worth?

[Test] What is Boulanger's Ultrabook worth?

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Image 1: [Test] What is Boulanger's Ultrabook worth?EssentielB Smart’Ultra 1401

Once is not custom, here it is not a recognized brand that tries out the Ultrabook, but a chain of mass distribution. Specializing in the resale of household appliances and high-tech products, Baker is trying a new foray into its own brand in the world of IT. Its range Essential B which already includes all-in-one computers and multiple laptops is growing today with the Smart’Ultra 1401.

It is not for frothing that Boulanger uses the term Ultra in the name of his machine. It has successfully passed the tests for the Ultrabook designation awarded by Intel. This PC therefore respects the codes of finesse, speed, security or even autonomy dictated by the American founder. It therefore seems attractive, especially when you know its price: 700 euros.

Nevertheless, one point tickles. The Smart’Ultra 1401 does not come out in white label from Acer or HP, but is manufactured by the design and development department of Boulanger: Sourcing & Creation.