[Test] Toshiba Z830: the lightest of ultrabooks

[Test] Toshiba Z830: the lightest of ultrabooks

Professional range

Image 1: [Test] Toshiba Z830: the lightest of ultrabooksToshiba Portege Z830

Going to the ultrabook was only a formality for Toshiba. Used to small laptops thanks to its Portégé range, the Japanese manufacturer has simply put its know-how to good use in a 13-inch model, the Z830.The first ultrabook of Toshiba enters its professional range, understand the Portégé. Nevertheless, its measured price starting at 900 euros allows it to stir the lusts of mainstream consumers. But here, unlike Portégé Rxxx whose reputation has been made for a long time, the Z830 must wipe the plaster and prove its value. Faced with Acer Aspire S3, Dell XPS 13 or even ZenbookAsus, Toshiba’s ultrabook is in an ultra-competitive industry. Does Toshiba’s expertise in ultraportables save it?

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Platform Sandy Bridge
Processor Intel Core i5 @ 1.6 GHz
Memory 4GB
Storage medium 128 GB SSD
Graphic card HD3000
Thickness 8.3mm (front), 15.9mm (rear)
Weight 1.12 kg
Price from 900 euros