[Test] Samsung S9: the Ultrabook that was not one

[Test] Samsung S9: the Ultrabook that was not one

Ultrabook, or not?

Image 1: [Test] Samsung S9: the Ultrabook that was not oneSamsung s9

With the 9 series second generation, Samsung is returning to its basics and will try to forget the 5 Series experience, Ultrabook in the standard, but which sinned by its fiberglass shell and a medium quality screen.

The Series 9 2012 takes on lines similar to those of its predecessor. Thin and slender, it is elegantly displayed. In order not to spoil anything, he abandoned his old Sandy Bridge architecture and updated himself with a processor Ivy Bridge, the latest generation ofIntel.

Facing its technical sheet, it is automatically placed in the Ultrabook category. But make no mistake, the Series 9 nis not one. Samsung is the first to recall it by simply counting it in an ultraportable range. According to the Asian manufacturer, this is a marketing reason. Samsung would like to go it alone without Intel’s support. What does an Ultrabook that is not one look like?