Test: Moga Ace Power, the ultimate iPhone controller

Manette Moga Ace iPhone 1024x374 - Test : Moga Ace Power, la manette iPhone ultime

First game controller for the iPhone launched on the market, the Moga Ace Power can be considered the best option if you want to buy a gamepad for your device under iOS 7 or iOS 8. It sports a number of features and greatly improves the experience on iPhone, iPod Touch and even on the iPad (adapter required).

Apple certified, the Moga Ace is compatible with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, as well as the fifth generation of iPod Touch. It offers precise and immediate control, and has the particularity of being equipped with a rechargeable 1800 mAh battery to play without limits.

Moga Ace 1024x782 - Test: Moga Ace Power, the ultimate iPhone controller

There are many buttons on the Moga Ace Power, and there are two analog sticks, a directional cross, four action buttons (X, Y, A, B), four buttons on the top (L1 / R1, L2 / R2), a lock button, as well as a pause button. To recharge it, just plug it in using the micro USB cable provided.

A headphone jack is of course present so as not to disturb your neighborhood on public transport. Finally, there are two switches: the first used to lock the iDevice in the controller and the second to activate the BOOST (the external battery).

Moga Ace Power 1024x738 - Test: Moga Ace Power, the ultimate iPhone controller

In terms of grip, the controller is very nice and comfortable, even after several hours of play. The installation could not be simpler. Insert your iPhone or iPod starting with the lightning port, then lock it. Then launch a compatible game and the day is played!

Package contents

  • Moga Ace Power controller
  • Micro USB cable
  • Adapter for iPod Touch 5G
  • User Manual

Moga Ace iPhone 1024x374 Controller - Test: Moga Ace Power, the ultimate iPhone controllerThe title Bike baron

In conclusion, the Moga Ace controller is ideal for fans of games on iOS devices. It is available on the MobileFun online store at a price of € 102.49. For the moment, several dozen games on the App Store are compatible (Asphalt 8, Bire Baron, GTA San Andreas, Limbo, Oceanhorn,…) and this should increase as the development of this kind of accessories for gamers. We only regret that it is still not optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and that it takes as on the iPad to use a specific cable.