Test MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: verdict after 1 month!

Test MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: verdict after 1 month!

icon macbook 2016The new sweet fruit company's new Macbook Pro 2016 showed up a little less than a month ago and we wanted to give you our feeling after four weeks of intensive use.

This is the 2016 Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, of course. We ordered the 13-inch version with a 512 GB SSD. If you decide to crack, know that we have just offered 10 essential Mac applications that are not available by default.

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macbook air macbook 2016

Our test of the 13-inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar 2016

1. Packaging

The packaging of MBP 2016 is made in Apple, as always nothing to complain about. Inside, we find the charger and its famous USB-C cable, the future standard of computing according to the brand:


macbookpro2016justin 2

2. Design and finish

The design is much thinner than a MacBook Air and this is the model with 512GB SSD storage with TouchBar almost the most expensive in the range, note that we have not added option already seen the expensive price of the sidereal gray beast. We must admit that this new cat is superb, very thin almost as light as a MacBook Air to 1 gram, it is 17% thinner and 23% smaller than its predecessor, which makes it less thick and less wide than the MacBook Air with equal screen size. An excellent point.

macbook 2016 vs macbook air justin

This version has, like the model without Touch Bar, 4 USB-C ports and keeps the Jack jack face his little cousin the iPhone 7, which this year abandoned his headphone jack for the benefit of Bluetooth use or Lightning. The reason is simple the use would not be the same and many professionals especially in the field of music still use Jack Jack to work.

macbookpro16justins 1

Thus, because of its light weight and its compact volume, this new born range becomes very pleasant to walk everywhere, a real lightweight, powerful Macbook that adapts to all situations as we like.

3. Performance, Autonomy and Retina Screen

Side performance precisely, nothing wrong. The beast is much swifter than its predecessors but it is not blatant either. In fact, it should be noted that Apple uses in this 2016 model a chip of 2015 because Intel did not plan to deliver its new version in 2017. Which would have been for the firm to the apple a delay of nearly 7 months. Apple has therefore opted for a Skylake processor on this version while waiting for Intel Kaby-Lake for future models, certainly next year with an IZGO screen. The games are running well but we have not tested a game like Battlefield.

Regarded autonomy, despite recent criticism, I did not have any particular problems and the 10 hours are largely reached on the machine on average. Be careful though to external devices greedy and long video montages in full brightness. But in general, you can easily tell you that 90% of battery is equivalent to 9h remaining, 65% about 6:30, 20% about 2h etc … Easy.

Finally, the new Retina display adopts the same system as the iPhone, displays brighter colors and a brighter screen!
By failing to increase the number of pixels, Apple improves the rendering of the image very clearly. The brightness goes from 300 nits to 500 nits this year with equivalent consumption. The other novelty is the arrival of a gamut P3 and a 10-bit color coding that simply allows to cover a wider spectrum, and therefore to display more colors on the screen. And the result is there, and it is less difficult to work near a window in full light for example and budding graphic designers like me will be delighted with the fidelity of the rendering.

macbook pro 2016 justin retina

4. Butterfly keyboard and giant trackpad

Side keyboard, I enter the wonderful world of butterfly keyboard and giant trackpad, but then what effect does it produce?

Although this new model "butterfly" is not only happy, and many complain including the lack of depth of the keys, making typing hard and noisy. I had a long time want to try this keyboard and honestly I could not go back. Initially, it takes 2 or 3 days of adaptation but we get caught up quickly and we greatly increases its comfort and speed of typing, after adopting a softer touch. When I take a MacBook Air now I feel like typing on a keyboard, too high, all soft and not very responsive. It's a little like overcooked pasta versus pasta you eat al dente.


The new trackpad is huge, so extra comfort?

This will surely be valid for those who use this surface very often to work, and especially to draw, you will have more space and more precision in your drawings. It's also easier to go back or switch offices using gestures that require 3 or 4 fingers. In the same way the Taptic Engine is fluid and even if like the new home button of the iPhone 7, this trackpad does not go down. The illusion is perfect and we have the impression that the trackpad sinks indeed.

taptic trackpad

5. Great moment, Touch Bar moment and Touch ID!

Rather skeptical at first, but at the same time very curious to test the Touch Bar, I am, after almost a month of adaptation, absolutely not disappointed!

This is not essential for me but it is a little extra that depending on your use can sometimes save you a lot of time. Rather than move your hand over the mouse, move it over the area and click, you get straight to the point with a tap on the Touch Bar.

However, it is sometimes easier to use a keyboard shortcut, such as creating a new folder 'with' Command + Shift + N 'or passing a text in Bold with a small' Command + B 'rather than launching into touch adventure and change the position of his hands. But if you are a novice, this is really practical and fun enough. Moreover, it is very beautiful, very pleasant and very colorful and it throws really more than a model without Touch Bar.

macbook pro 2016 tb1

The use of built-in Emojis, unlocking by Touch ID, setting the sound or brightness in a swipe, sending / creating an email in a tap, selecting its favorite tabs to slide , the setting of its hue on photoshop or the size of its brush, the launch of Siri, or the keys take or reject a call are only a brief overview of the many possibilities that offer the touch bar but that I use really everyday.

macbook pro 2016 justin tb2

Just like the keyboard, a little time of adaptation is necessary at the beginning because I left my left hand put on the button esc of the bar key, which at the beginning made me leave a lot of applications. Worse, I advise you to set the settings of it in each application, because for example in the default Mail application, the ESC button is replaced by the send button of the email. After a dozen mails, half filled and customers, colleagues or readers rather surprised, I ended up moving the send button in the center of the bar to be quiet.

In addition, the Touch ID is super simple to configure and works great on this new model, whether to buy with Apple Pay or identify you quickly. You really save more time than typing your password. This is similar to the Touch ID you have on your phone, if you are lucky enough to own at least one iPhone 5s. Unlike an iPhone, however, it is possible to add only 3 fingers vs 4 on an iPhone, which is good enough because we tend to put only the fingers of the right hand.

In any case, over time, you really win and it is difficult to go back to type his password "old fashioned".

macbook pro 2016 justin tb5

6. What I liked least:

macbook pro 2016 justin dongle

The world of adapters:

The USB-C is not yet standard, which says 2016 MacBook Pro says welcome to the world of adapters galore. I use 4 on a daily basis, a HDMI + USB classic for presentations and even for to connect a simple USB key, one for Ethernet when the wifi is too weak, and two to connect my old screen Apple LED cinema display (a USB-C to display port + a display port to mini display port). In the same way, if you find yourself facing an overhead projector that only takes VGA and not HDMI you are good for another Apple adapter. Although there are more and more Amazon adapters that combine in a USB / Ethernet / VGA and HDMI.

Overall, it works well but it is true that I have to juggle several adapters, and when someone tells you "I pass you on key" and you do not have your adapter the game is quickly over. When it no longer has wifi and you do not have ethernet, then you have less chance to browse your favorite iPhoneSoft site, except to make a connection with your iPhone.

The real advantage is that it is really nice to connect only one type of plug, and so when the USB-C will be really widespread, this MacBook will be worth its weight in gold. It is slightly ahead of its time, but no panic, as was the case in 1998 with the iconic green iMac by Jonathan Ive who then revived the firm to the apple, although adopting a new standard at the time , rejected by windows at the beginning, and which nevertheless is today adopted almost by all and always of actuality, it is about you guessed it of the USB.

The iconic sound:

The iconic sound has disappeared and despite all the tips that have circulated, I personally have not managed to reactivate it. It's a matter of taste, and at the time this was used to indicate to the user that his mac was healthy, but personally I miss it when I open the hood or I click on the button Touch ID to start the machine.

The disappearance of the MagSafe:

Even if as I said, it is very easy and pleasant to connect any USB-C plugs on this MacBook and therefore including the charging cable. I find it a shame, if someone takes their feet in your reload wire when you quietly write an article to Starbucks, to see your new Mac shattered among cappuccinos. This almost happened to me when I finished writing this article. So be careful, you can mitigate this by buying a Magsafe USB-C cable on Amazon.

Unable to customize either or repair:

No you're not dreaming, on the new MacBook Pro everything is soldered, impossible to change the size of the SSD afterwards or to modify RAM strips. Even the battery is difficult to take off. Damage to scalability.

macbook pro 2016 stand

Conclusion of the test:

To conclude, I find that the Macbook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar is a great product, the design is sublime, the finishes, the smaller format, lighter and more compact is top. The new keyboard is much better and allows a fast and accurate input, the giant trackpad and the sublime new Retina display really make the difference.
After, you will have to agree to live with your time and say goodbye to the good old boot, securing MagSafe, do not hope to change the RAM or SSD after purchase and arm a rain of USB adapters -C pending the standardization of this new format.For all the rest is Apple top quality, so if your budget allows you, a single password go for it!

For those who prefer to buy a cheaper refurbished product: Okamac official website.

And you? Who has cracked for this jewelry? Who still hesitates? Who hates this model? We are waiting for your iconic comments below!

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