Test: iPhone Slate Sticker for Office

Test: iPhone Slate Sticker for Office

You find theiPhone 5S and theiPhone 5C too expensive ? How about getting a iPhone giant to stick on your wall for 30 times cheaper? Our partner Kollori.com allowed us to test an unusual object, to say the least, since it is a slate sticker in the shape of an iPhone sticker for the office!

giant wall sticker iphone - Test: Slate iPhone sticker for office

Ideal as a wall decoration (dimensions of 22.6 cm x 47.5 cm), the sticker can also be used by graphic designers or even start-ups in the mobile sector to draw wireframes. Thanks to its slate surface, it is possible to write on it with chalk and erase endlessly.

In terms of installation, simply take off the iPhone and place it on a flat surface. Guaranteed without any air bubbles! 🙂

giant slate iphone sticker - Test: iPhone Slate sticker for desktop

This slate iPhone sticker for office can be found on the Kollori store at the price of € 22.90 HT only with delivery within 10 days. Note that the sticker also exists in large size (54.2 cm x 114 cm) at the price of € 39.90 HT.