Test-Achats puts Apple on notice

Test-Achats puts Apple on notice

Test-Achats and 10 European consumer organizations warn Apple to comply with Belgian warranty law, following problems relating to the information provided by the American group in terms of warranty, announced on Monday the consumer organization, which Apple threatens injunction.


“The information provided is obscure, incomplete and is not adapted to Belgian law. In addition, certain statements are abusive and misleading. In short, Apple does nothing to put the consumer in a position to understand correctly the content of their warranty rights ”, explains Test-Achats in a press release.

More precisely, Test-Achats mentions, on Apple's websites aimed at Belgian consumers, “a set of contractual conditions of 209 pages containing texts in many languages”, as well as “more than 30 different sets of conditions contractual ".

Lack of clarity for consumers.

Test-Achats also believes that “Apple websites are full of false information that misleads consumers”, such as support and repair or returns and refunds.

The consumer interests organization also recalls that the Italian competition authority has condemned Apple, in December 2011, a fine of 900,000 euros and forced it to change the way the company informs consumers about the legal guarantee as well as on its contractual guarantees. Apple has appealed this decision.

Test-Achats and 10 other European organizations therefore intend to force the American technology group “review all of its contractual documents and websites to remedy these illegalities and to make these documents accessible and understandable. " "If it fails to obtain satisfaction within one month, Test-Achats reserves the right to institute an action for cessation", concludes the consumer association.

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[Source: Belga]