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Tesla to Showcase Home and Industry Batteries on April 30

Tesla Motors finally gets its hands on

Tesla will soon no longer be just an automobile manufacturer, but also a supplier of batteries for individuals and manufacturers. The firm has just announced the upcoming presentation of a residential battery as well as a battery intended for industrialists and electricity suppliers.

Tesla Model 3 So how can having a powerful battery in a home be interesting?

Tesla's battery should meet the limits currently imposed by renewable energy production stations. The solar panels thus produce electricity only on sunny days, that is, the days on which the user does not necessarily need heating or light.

Identical situation for wind farms, which produce electricity sporadically and very little at night when the wind is falling … Even though this is when the user needs it most.

Current batteries are limited in their ability to restore the energy produced by these different systems, and Tesla wants to go further.

The firm had mentioned the ability of its batteries to refuel during off-peak hours to limit costs at the user level, but also to limit the impact on the electrical network. Once full, Tesla's battery would power all of the needs of the home, industry or community.