Tesla: this is what the battery pack looks like that will give Model Y 14% more autonomy

The first photo of Tesla’s next battery pack has just surfaced. We discover a honeycomb design traversed by tubes presumably for cooling. The Model Y will be the first vehicle to benefit from it.

Tesla Battery
The future batteries will also serve as a structure / Credits: Tesla

Tesla is developing new batteries. These make use of a new battery known as 4680 because of its dimensions, which has the particularity of being much simpler and inexpensive to produce – while slightly increasing energy density.

These batteries, Elon Musk told us, will be implemented so that the battery pack serves as a structure for the vehicle. What again reduce the weight, the complexity of assembly, while optimizing autonomy. Elon Musk is inspired by airplane wings, which were originally designed as tanks rather than structures with tanks inside.

Here is the first photo of the Tesla battery that will fit in the European Model Y

The idea here is the same: pafter integrating this battery into a complicated, heavy, and expensive body, the battery is now part of the body. For now, Tesla assembles its lithium batteries in modules which are then integrated into the battery pack, itself supported by the Tesla bodywork. Electrek shares the first photo of the inside of these batteries:

Tesla battery
Credit: Electrek

We discover a honeycomb structure, which is not surprising since it is a somewhat special structure in that it limits the amount of material required while optimizing its resistance to torsion and compression. The image of Electrek shows the battery pack without its batteries inside. We guess on side one network of tubes, presumably to actively cool the battery.

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Which joins this description of the new batteries by Elon Musk: “The battery pack will be an integrated structure with cells providing a transfer of forces between the upper and lower sheets of steel, which is quick to remove most of the central parts of the cars body while giving them better rigidity. against torsion and an improved polar inertial moment. This is a major breakthrough ”

A priori this new unit will be implemented in the European Tesla Model Y produced at the Gigafactory in Berlin. It should also be found in the Model S Plaid with record autonomy.

Source: Electrek