Tesla: the car for less than € 25,000 could be launched as early as 2022

The next Tesla car, which is expected to cost less than $ 25,000, may arrive sooner than expected. Initially announced for 2024, a document from a Chinese factory, where the vehicle would be produced, indicates on the contrary that we can expect a launch as early as next year.

Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3

At Battery Day last September, Tesla announced the arrival of a € 25,000 electric car within three years. This drastic drop in price is due to a new battery 4680 (46 mm x 80 mm), currently developed by the firm and with increased capacities. We did not really expect a launch of the car in question soon, but a document straight out of the factory responsible for its production indicates that deadlines could be reduced.

Gigafactory Shanghai has indeed leaked a report about a vehicle in positioning and at a lower price than the Model 3. He speaks of a model between 160,000 and 200,000 yuan, or between 20,300 and 25,400 euros. The said document reveals above all that the car could be delivered from 2022, which would mean that Tesla has been working on the project for quite some time now. As a reminder, Gigafactory Shanghai is the same factory that produces certain Model 3s.

Tesla under € 25,000 will also be produced in China

Indeed, Tesla shipped more than 7000 Model 3 made in China to Europe in the last quarter of 2020. The company therefore plans to continue production in the Middle Kingdom for its car at “low cost”. She has already started working on the design of the latter, as well as hire staff responsible for carrying out the project.

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However, we do not know much about the technical sheet of the car. Elon Musk, who recently dethroned Jeff Bezos by becoming the richest man in the world, however revealed that it would have autonomy of at least 320 km. It’s a safe bet that if, as stated, Tesla’s next vehicle is slated for launch in 2022, it won’t be long before we get more tangible information about it.

Source: electrek