Tesla Crash Test Model Y

Tesla Model Y: the car obtains 5 stars in the American NHTSA crash test

The Tesla Model Y just won five stars in the American NHTSA crash test – the highest rating. A video shows the car crashing at several speeds from the front and side against a target. The Model Y thus joins the Model 3, Model X SUV and Model S among the safest vehicles on the market.

Tesla Crash Test Model Y

Tesla has always been pretty good at crash tests and there was no reason for that to change with the Model Y. It must be said that Tesla does not have the same constraints as the manufacturers of combustion vehicles. The front cover does not embed an engine, and the engine is precisely provided by one, two or even more engines directly attached to the wheels. The battery is located under the floor of the vehicle, and it is therefore possible to concentrate their weight much more easily near their center of gravity.

Which is a guarantee of stability. In addition, Tesla has room, which allows it to put the package on structural features that absorb shocks in the event of an accident, and other devices like AirBags. Many Tesla vehicles, including Model 3, Model X SUV, and Model S, have thus obtained year after year the maximum score in the American NHTSA and European Euro NCAP crash tests. The Model Y join this year the safest vehicle club on the market.

The Tesla Model Y is one of the safest vehicles on the market

To come to this conclusion, NHTSA has carried out a series of extensive tests. In particular several frontal crashes, with emphasis on the driver or passenger. But also side crashes, notably against a barrier and a post. Or the complete overturn of the vehicle, which can occur in certain serious accidents. It should be noted that all these tests are only valid for conventional driving by a human driver.

NHTSA is not at this stage testing the safety of the Autopilot device, which remains authorized in the United States only if the driver keeps his hands on the wheel and is ready to react at all times. In other words, the functionality is reduced to a kind of ultra-high driving assistance. Of course, we are waiting to know what the European organization Euro NCAP thinks, which should soon carry out its own crash tests.

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However, we do not expect any real surprises. The two organizations issue, with rare exceptions, equivalent ratings for vehicle safety.