Tesla Model 3: Autopilot saves driver after Nissan Sedan crash

Tesla’s Autopilot sometimes does wonders, like in that accident with a Nissan Sedan. As the driver of the Model 3 was not at the controls at the time of the incident, the autopilot was responsible for parking the car on the side after the collision. The car manufacturer is thus once again proving itself in the field of road safety.

Tesla Model 3 crash

Some accidents have dealt Tesla a hard blow, such as that Model 3 crash at 160 km / h that ignited a house nearby. Others, on the contrary, restore the coat of arms of the manufacturer in terms of safety. This is the case with today’s story, as reported by a Reddit user. Driving on the California Highway 880, he configured the Autopilot to finish his trip quietly. Until a Nissan Sedan comes hit his car on the side, before finishing his race against the guardrail.

The driver did not have time to react since the Autopilot took care of it for him and gently bring the vehicle to the side from the road, without having to do anything. “I sincerely thank the Tesla Autopilot for maintaining the stability of the car after the collision”, he explains before adding that it is “very impressed”. Some comments all the same evoke the strange behavior of the other driver, who seems to have deliberately caused the accident. To this, the owner of the Model 3 replies that “The police report confirms that there was nothing in particular except a distracted young driver.”

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Model 3 driver emerges completely unscathed from the accident

The Model 3’s battery also probably helped keep it on its four wheels. Indeed, it is a significant part of the heavy weight of the car and, by its position, gives it a relatively low center of gravity. Nevertheless, its owner considers that the Autopilot is the first to congratulate on the happy outcome of the accident. If it is possible that this one makes you flash at 150 km / h during your nap, then it can save your life as well.

The vehicle that caused the collision suffered more damage than the Model 3. While the latter got away with just its left side down, the Nissan got stuck in the middle of the road, bumper debris found all over the place. His driver was taken to hospital, without knowing the severity of his injuries. As a reminder, the Model 3 has passed the tests with flying colors from the IIHS and NHTSA, two US agencies responsible for road safety.

Source: reddit