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Tesla Model 3: a driver threatens him with his pistol, the dashcam has filmed everything

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 filmed a rather uplifting scene thanks to the dashcam of his electric sedan. While on the highway, the driver of a Hyundai SUV stood beside him, and then threatened him with his pistol. Fortunately, this individual did not make up his mind to pull the trigger.

tesla assault weapon
Credit: Wham Baam Teslacam

Among the somewhat crazy stories related to Tesla, it will be necessary to add the threat on the highway to the firearm. Here are the facts. This November 29, 2020, the owner of a Tesla Model 3 was driving on a highway in Oregon, United States. As he travels to the city of Salem to pick up his wife, Hyundai SUV driver sticks to electric sedan, in the right lane.

Once at its height, man pulls out semi-automatic handgun and starts aiming at Tesla driver. According to our colleagues from the Teslarati site, the owner of the electric sedan kept his cool by ignoring this illuminated. Annoyed not to provoke reactions from the driver of the Tesla, the armed man decides to ease off and fall back far behind the sedan.

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 never notified the authorities and did not file a complaint. On the other hand, he absolutely wanted to broadcast this video so that other drivers in the region could recognize the maniac. Either way, the real motivations of this armed individual remain a mystery. We suspect, however, that he did not attack this vehicle by chance, Tesla having many detractors.

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Drivers of Tesla and electric vehicles, especially in the United States, are regularly the target of “Coal-rolling ”, a practice of removing the particulate filter from a diesel engine so that it emits thick black smoke. This “willful” pollution is seen as a militant act in the United States, with Coal-rolling practitioners claiming it is a way to fight “the ecological endemic ”.

If Coal-rolling is generally the means most used by thermal propellers to express their contempt for green engines, the course of the armed threat had not yet been crossed. As a reminder, dashcams have made it possible and allow us to witness sometimes surreal scenes, like this one.

In August 2020, a dashcam recorded a spectacular accident between a Tesla Model X and a Nissan Sentra. More recently, a dashcam filmed the flight from the roof of a Tesla Model S on the highway.

Source: Teslarati