Tesla: it will soon be possible to monitor your car on your smartphone

Tesla should soon bring an interesting novelty to its cars in an update: the ability to monitor the surroundings of your vehicle directly on your smartphone. The goal of would be to use the Sentinel mode already in place.

Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3

If you own a Tesla, it will soon be possible to take a look at what is around directly from your smartphone. This is in any case what suggests Electrek, which evokes a big update of the vehicle.

The Tesla have a Sentinel mode. Once your car is parked, it is possible to use the cameras used for Autopilot to monitor the surroundings. If movement is detected, the cameras start up and can thus register thieves or malicious people who only want to damage the car. A record that can also be used for insurance.

It was possible to recover the videos recorded by the cameras, but the procedure was complicated. You had to equip yourself with a USB key or an SSD drive to transfer it from the passenger compartment. Soon, access to these videos should be made easier. Better still, it would be possible to see in real time what is happening around the Tesla by simply glancing at your phone.

Deployment in the coming weeks?

It is the leaker Green, specializing in leaks around Tesla, which indicates that an upcoming update, the 2020.48, will allow it. Everything will of course go through the application. If no details are given, we can imagine that the user will be able to juggle between the different cameras in order to to make sure that all is well around his car.

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It remains to be seen the usefulness of the thing, to reassure the owner. Tesla’s Sentinel Mode and Dashcam have already proven in many cases. The manufacturer continues to slowly improve its vehicles through updates. However, there are still security holes. A few days ago, a researcher from a Belgian university, for example, managed to steal a car from the manufacturer using Bluetooth.

The smartphone video stream could arrive in the Tesla app in the coming weeks or months.