Tesla delivered nearly 500,000 cars in 2020 as Elon Musk promised!

Tesla’s sales for 2020 rose 36% and the automaker has pretty much kept its promise to deliver 500,000 vehicles by the end of the year, despite the difficulties associated with COVID-19.

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Credit: Unsplash

Elon Musk had promised 500,000 Tesla electric vehicles delivered in 2020? Here we are ! The constructor “Produced and delivered half a million vehicles, which corresponds to our most recent forecasts” Tesla announcement, which prompted Elon Musk to salute “A major step”. In all, Tesla produced 509,000 vehicles in 2020. Including 499,550 were delivered before the stroke of midnight on December 31.

It must be said that the game was far from won in 2020. The year was hit by the COVID-19 crisis in all areas. Tesla was obviously also impacted. Production at the Fremont plant in California had to stop briefly, sparking the entrepreneur’s ire. Then the situation seemed to have returned to order, reinforced by the resumption of production abroad, particularly in the Shanghai plant in China.

Tesla also offers strong buying incentives. For example, the automaker offered the Fully Autonomous Drive option (offered in the United States for more than $ 10,000) to customers who had purchased their car in the last days of 2020. Tesla’s efforts have enabled the feat of increasing the manufacturer’s sales by 36%. The last quarter of the year was particularly impressive from this point of view.

Tesla thus delivered 180,570 electric vehicles between October and December, which allowed the firm to stick to the promises that Elon Musk had made at the beginning of the year. A very favorable situation on the markets since Tesla’s share price soared during the year. The share price now exceeds $ 705, which values ​​the manufacturer at more than $ 669 billion – imposing it as the most powerful manufacturer in the world, ahead of the Toyota group.

Source: The Guardian