Tesla: an update allows you to customize the farting horn

At the end of the year, Tesla is rolling out a software update for its electric cars. Among the novelties that we find in this update, we find arcade games, but also the possibility of personalizing the sound emitted by the horn of the vehicle.

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Photo credit: Jp Valery / Unsplash

On cars, by way ofbuzzer, we are generally entitled to simple tut-tut or pouet-pouet. Tesla pushes the concept much further, since the manufacturer offers to customize the sound emitted by the horn.

Tesla indeed comes from deploy a firmware update for its electric vehicles. One of the new features of this update concerns the Boombox functionality of the brand’s cars. Thanks to it, you now have the possibility to change the sound emitted by the vehicle’s horn.

Boombox allows you to customize the horn, but is it really useful in France?

Boombox therefore offers Tesla owners the ability to change the sound of the horn and choose from one of the many sounds offered by the application. There is therefore a way to emit an animal cry, a sound of applause or even … a fart sound ! And Boombox does not stop there, since we can also replace the sound of the horn by that of La Cucaracha, which will probably bring back memories for tuning fans from the 80s-90s.

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Tesla’s Boombox feature also allows personalize your horn using your own sounds. To do this, you need to transfer your music using a small USB key. However, they do not replace the noise emitted by the horn. They sound “after” the horn, so other road users can easily identify the real sound of the horn. The manufacturer also explains that it is necessary to ensure that the personalization of the horn is legal according to the country concerned. And it is even possible to play the sounds made by the video games you play when the vehicle is parked.

In France, you must have an approved horn. “The sound of the horn and its number of decibels are controlled by the legislation in force,” explains the site ooreka.fr. Any violation of the rule is punishable by a 3rd class fine, which costs 68 €.

Source: Electrek