Terry Gou: Foxconn struggles to meet iPhone 5 demand

Terry Gou: Foxconn struggles to meet iPhone 5 demand

Faced with high demand, Foxconn is struggling to produce the iPhone 5 in sufficient quantity …


While the delivery time of the iPhone 5 is not shortened on the Apple Online Store (it is between 3 to 4 weeks), Foxconn president Terry Gou, confided Tuesday Reuters that its factories still encounter difficulties in producing sufficient quantities in the face of high demand. “Producing iPhones is not easy. We are struggling to meet the high demand ”, he said.

Gou blamed the delays on the peculiar design of Apple’s latest smartphone, which he says complicates the production process. He was not more specific on this subject, however, and declined to say whether he was considering calling on other manufacturers to assemble the iPhone and fulfill orders.

Last month, a Foxconn official who wished to remain anonymous – had already confided to Wall street journal that assembling the iPhone 5 is very complex.

The iPhone 5 is the most complicated device Foxconn has ever assembled. To make it light and thin, the design is very complex. it takes time to learn how to produce it. From practice comes perfection: we improve our productivity every day , he had indicated.

Apple had announced on September 24 that it had sold more than 5 million units of its iPhone 5. This figure had however analysts, who for some hope the double. However, on the same day, the American telecom operator AT&T had deplored its insufficient stocks in the face of the high demand for the new Apple iPhone 5, confirming fears about Apple's ability to produce quickly enough to meet demand.

"The supply issues will not have a long-term impact on Apple's stock. They should be resolved within two months given the capabilities of Hon Hai (otherwise known as Foxconn, editor's note) and his workforce. ”, according to Mars Hsu, analyst at Grand Cathay Securities.

According to Terry Gou's latest statements, it is not certain that the delivery times of the iPhone 5 can be shortened anytime soon.

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