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Telegram is a messaging application that benefits from synchronization between different platforms. This Android application is distinguished by its neat interface, its security features and the simplicity to share and transfer files between contacts! To install without waiting!

What to do with this app?

00B4000008737538-photo-telegram.jpgTelegram is an Android instant messaging application that allows users to communicate, share files, and create newsgroups. This multiplatform service is based on security and discretion thanks to a wide range of dedicated functions such as data encryption or automatic erasure.

How to proceed ?

On first launch, the application requests identification using the user’s telephone number. Like WhatsApp, Telegram Automatically finds contacts from the device directory who also use the application.

In addition to sending messages, the user can send files, animated GIFs, a video or make a fully secure voice call. For each discussion, the application offers a search tool, cleaning history and messages or deactivating notifications.

The security of setting

Telegram has forged its reputation thanks to the security functions it offers, notably with the creation of secret discussions including end-to-end encryption, automatic destruction of messages after a delay or the impossibility of taking a screenshot.

It is also possible to create private or public groups only accessible by invitation. It should also be noted that messages and conversations are accessible on the various terminals thanks to automatic data synchronization.

Its grip

On the ergonomic side, the application is well thought out and offers a quick and simple interface to take in hand although the French translation is still long overdue.