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TeamViewer for Android13.1.8602

The essential remote control offers a neat Android version, powerful and easy to handle to control a computer or another Android or iOS device remotely. It allows screen sharing, intuitive control with multiple gestures and two-way file transfer. To discover and use for free in a personal setting!

Over the years, TeamViewer has established itself as a benchmark for free remote control thanks to the multiplatform support, its simplicity of handling and its reliability.

The version for Android smartphones and tablets remains in the same vein and offers to control any computer running Windows, macOS or Linux directly from a device running Android.

How to do ?

First, it is advisable to install TeamViewer or TeamViewer QuickSupport on the remote computer to be controlled. Then just enter the username and password to access remotely and view the screen. Several controls are available through combinations and gestures on the touch screen.TeamViewer for Android

It is thus possible to transfer files in both directions and perform several actions such as sending the command “Ctrl + Alt + Del”, locking or restarting the remote computer or blocking entry remotely so as not to create conflicts.

Going through the options …

The user is able to display the remote pointer, customize the display quality, automatic by default or choose quality or speed. It is also possible to customize the display resolution and hide the background.