Tax stamp is now available on the Internet

Tax stamp is now available on the Internet

The French government has just opened a new annex to its internet portal: timbres.impô, a page that allows you to buy tax stamps online now, rather than going to physical points of sale. .

Electronic stamp site For the moment, it is not possible to buy electronic tax stamps for passports by bank card. But by next year, all tax stamps will be available.

The stamps in question are issued in two forms: a flashchode in a PDF sent by email, or a 16-digit number sent by SMS.

The dematerialization stops there … Since it will then be necessary to go to town hall or to the prefecture of Paris to communicate the code or the flashcode to add it to the passport application file. The procedure should be transposed to applications for identity cards and driving licenses next year.

The objective for the government is to initiate the dematerialization of paper tax stamps over the long term. Rest assured, the sale of traditional stamps will be maintained in public finance centers and tobacco shops. Note however that tobacconists will also soon be able to issue the electronic stamp.