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TasKiller Free3.4.9

TasKiller Free3.4.9

TasKiller Free3.4.9

Complete, free and practical, TasKiller Free will prove to be most useful in everyday life. This reference from the Android software library is to be adopted without further delay!

Multi task, Android has long allowed to use several programs simultaneously. When you switch from one to the other, the software enters sleep mode. However, they continue to mobilize part of the RAM. In the end, if we don’t pay attention, the most demanding applications experience difficulties. To quickly resolve this problem, Clubic invites you to discover one of the best free task managers available on the Android Market!

TasKiller Free will allow you to permanently close one or more applications on Android. Thus, you will be able to free up a precious quantity of memory, save your battery and optimize the performance of your phone. The set offers a faster handling. Once the utility has started, it will display the icons and names of open software on the full page, as well as the amount of RAM remaining. Just click on one of them to “kill” the application instantly.

To make your task easier, TasKiller is also available as Widgets to drop directly on the desktop. It comes in three different formats. The task bars and mini task bars will display the logos of the applications that are currently running. The third widget named “TasKiller” will take the form of a button. It will display the number of applications open simultaneously and will turn dark red when you have exceeded the limit of 6. More radical, they will take care of closing all the processes and services with a simple tap. However, you can still protect sensitive applications. To do this, keep your finger pressed on an icon and select the “ignore” option.

On the preferences side, you will be able to manage and reset the exclusion list and more interestingly activate the automatic closing of all applications when the phone goes to sleep. On the same principle, you can order all software to stop when the terminal starts. This function will prove to be extremely effective in circumventing the unnecessary launching of programs at each restart, provided that the services essential for the proper functioning of the device have been carefully protected.

NB: Before “killing” an application, be sure to save your work.