Target will compensate up to $ 10,000 per victim

Target will compensate up to $ 10,000 per victim


In 2013, the Target chain of stores was hacked into the database of its users, leading to the theft of more than 40 million credit card numbers. Today, the group seeks to negotiate amicably with a class action to avoid the trial.

According to official documents, the Target group wishes to negotiate amicable compensation with customers whose bank details were stolen during the hack of the firm's site in 2013.

Target "width =" 250 "height =" 167 During the attack, the hackers left with 40 million credit card numbers as well as 70 million names, addresses and telephone numbers. The compensation should therefore concern all of the customers, including those whose bank details had not been entered in the group's database.

The complaint is based on the $ 200 million in fees incurred by the banks following the affair, whether it be the creation of new credit cards or reimbursements following fraudulent use of bank details.

As such, Target agreed to an arrangement totaling $ 10 million, representing compensation of up to $ 10,000 per person.

Following major hacking, Target has implemented new security protocols. An investigation in 2014 indicated that Target was aware of the weaknesses in its system several weeks before the attack, but that the group had not bothered to make the necessary corrections. A situation which led to the resignation of the CEO of the group as well as the head of the technology department.